My work

Unilever marketing foundation

One of the most exciting projects I've worked on was helping to create a ground-breaking global marketing training programme for Unilever. Working with subject matter experts across the business, I took their knowledge and turned it into simple, digestible learning materials - in the form of a practical 'toolkit', and online learning modules.  Lots of the information was … Continue reading Unilever marketing foundation

MORE TH>N customer newsletter

The award-nominated customer newsletter is delivered to over half a million insurance customers each month. After a year of producing the content for the newsletters each month, I have learnt a lot about what resonates with customers and have been able to adapt and optimise the content produced for our website accordingly, and make recommendations … Continue reading MORE TH>N customer newsletter


As part of my stint in brand management, I spent eighteen months working on the Flora Cuisine product launch. Managing a vast budget, I worked to coordinate my PR, digital, experiential and advertising agencies to deliver a high profile nationwide campaign. Much of this involved working to create content, including social media, advertorials, packaging, and retail recipe booklets.