Every word matters

A very talented young Content Designer I’ve been working with has recently launched a great blog called Every Word Matters on Medium.  I was happy to help out with an interview, and share some of my thoughts on all things content!

Here’s a taster:

How do you approach getting stakeholders on board?

Earning trust is key to collaborating with stakeholders. Sometimes you’ll have to make compromises on content to keep people happy so know what you’re prepared to be flexible on, and which bits you’re not prepared to sacrifice. Be prepared to have a strong rationale for all of your decisions, and if the stakeholder trusts you they’ll be less likely to challenge them. Also, where possible bring them on your journey. Take them to user testing sessions so they can see first hand how users interact with the content.

When it comes to other disciplines — the key is to show the value you can add without stepping on their toes. Content and visual design should complement each other, not be rivals.

You can read the full interview here.